Thursday, February 14, 2008

It is Cold Here

Bill in the cold.

Thursday, February 14,2008

Happy Valentine’s Day. Today was our coldest morning so far. The thermometer read 44 degrees inside the boat at about 8am. We both put on the wool underwear & heavy coats, hats & gloves. Adair forgot her wooly hat but thanks to her sister, Elaine who loaned her one, she has had a warm head. The sun was bright but still cold all day. We spent last night anchored in the South Edisto River with a fierce current & a fair amount of wind. We motored all day past Beaufort, SC & are currently anchored in Skull Creek off Hilton Head Island.

The motoring down the ICW can get pretty boring. We have been looking at the ducks wintering in SC & argued over exactly what we are seeing. We agree on Hooded Mergansers, Common Loons & Buffleheads.

Warmth awaits!

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