Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Georgia Marshes

Sunset over the Georgia marshes

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good Morning from Two Way Fish Camp Marina near Brunswick, GA. We came up the South Altamaha River to buy fuel, have a shower and a restaurant meal.

The fuel dock here is in 4 feet of water, so Bill had to fill the jugs and carry them back to Irish Eyes. The marina operator turned on the gasoline pump rather than the diesel, so we got two gallons of gas in the diesel jug. Bill poured the gas in the proper jug and went on. The restaurant meal was good. After a week of just the drone of the motor, the noisy restaurant was sensory overload! Why the name Two Way Fish Camp? From the Marina if you go upstream you are in fresh water and if you go downstream you are in salt water. As you can imagine this is a fishing marina. Adair says she has now taken a shower in one that is a grade down from Lakeshore Marina on Watauga Lake. She didn’t have hot water which made her unhappy. And, she is especially mad because the mens shower had hot water

We have navigated three of the shallow spots in Georgia with only one to go. In the Little Mud River we waited for a tug & barge to pass rather than negotiate a 6 foot section with him. The weather has been warmer with a high yesterday of 75. A coldfront is to pass through tonight with some rain and lots of wind predicted. We have bugs for the first time since November, just irritating gnats not biters yet. We are both looking forward to shorts and tee shirts.

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chrism43 said...

Hello Bill and Adair,

What a great trip.  Just wanted to say hello and mention that Pam and I will be in Nassau on May 20 and 21.  We will be on the Carnival Cruise Ship Sensation.  Small chance of getting together but we will look for you.  Have a wonderful trip and stay safe...  Chris and Pam Lacey